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OK, maybe that's going to far, but I can help you have the beautiful creative, inspiring home you've always wanted.

One thing I know to be true is that I'm not the hero of my artistic story - you are. What I do as a painter is not about me, but about how my art can solve a problem for, inspire, or bring joy to another person - you! It really is all about you.

"Old Buddies", commission in private collection

So, what kind of problem can my art help you solve?

Do you ever walk into your home and face a blank wall that is a constant reminder that you've always intended to put something beautiful, fun, and inspirational there? But the choices in the art world seem so bewildering and overwhelming that instead of making the wrong decision it's just easier to make no decision. So the blank wall remains.

Or maybe you want to give the perfect gift - a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art, but actually commissioning a piece feels really scary.

Or you have the desire to stretch your creative wings to design a beautiful, inviting home, but you don't know if you have what it takes. How would you go about giving your family and guests feelings of warmth, inspiration, and joy that you long for people to experience in your home?

Let me be your

Art Guide

Uncertainty, fear of making the wrong choice, and feeling stuck with blank, boring walls will all disappear when you have me as your own personal guide and artist. Really! I can turn you into an art-loving, bold choice-maker who knows what she likes!

Take a look through my online gallery for inspiration and ideas. Thank about a commission of a favorite vacation spot or event. And if you love family history, consider a Heritage Painting (see on the Commissions page) from a treasured sepia or black and white family photo. (And remember, any photo can be turned into a sepia or black and white.)

The options are exciting and fun, so contact me on my website at and let's get started solving your art problems!

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