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Looking Back

Saying Goodbye to Our Long Life In BV

As I pack up the memories (and get rid of the junk) of 46 years spent in Buena Vista, CO, I have to be careful not to get sucked in to remembering all the stories that things represent or I'll never get packed up in time! Can you believe how much stuff we accumulate??!!

I admire people who love being minimalists, but have to admit, I'm not one of them. Believe me, I've thought about it, tossed, pitched, given away, and sold enough things to decorate a small house, but deep down I know that at my age I'll never be the cheetah who changed her spots. And that's mostly because of stories - the ones the things I enjoy represent. Stories of my parents' lives, of adventures with my family, of my own sweet childhood memories, of challenges overcome, of dreams ahead. And there's nothing wrong with that, however much my family might smirk, chuckle, & shake their heads at my collections!

So here are a few paintings of the Arkansas River Valley's iconic scenes - Mt. Princeton, Cottonwood Lake, the Aspen Glen in Trail West Village, dramatic clouds and sunsets, the Arkansas River, even mailboxes piled with snow by our former home. I hope they take you on a trip down memory lane as well - places you've seen or only dreamed of. And there are a lot more at the Art Gallery!

As my gift to you during the month of May receive 10% off of any painting in my online gallery! And if you're local, you can even drop by and pick it up, have a cup of coffee, and chat together about our memories and stories. So visit where you can select and purchase for yourself or ask for assistance. Please drop me a note on the contact page while you're at it! I would love to hear about your special memories or dreams of this beautiful place.

The paintings just above and at the top for the page are 5x7" watercolors, part of a series of small pieces from our valley where the swirls represent my love of these scenes I've enjoyed for so many years. You can find them in my gallery at They are matted and only cost $125 each.

I'll look forward to posting in June from my new studio in Cortez, CO!

On to a new adventure!

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