~ My art for your home begins when I have an emotional connection to the world I see.

~ It continues in the studio as I work to convey the power of my experience through oil or watercolor.

~ I breathe emotional life into the scene or image so you feel invited to share in that moment because every painting has a story, and I want to tell that story - I want to tell your story.

~ My art then gives your feelings a voice in your home that you might not otherwise have, of joyful memories, inspiration, hope, peace, and wonder.

     “As an artist, I only flirt with my subject matter,

I don’t marry it.”

 Jan Thoreen Lewis

About the Artist

Welcome!  Let me be your guide to a beautiful, inspiring home . . .


For Jan Thoreen Lewis, painting is about bringing powerful, moving, or memorable moments to life.  Her imagination is quickened by the drama of beauty, power, and light; and sublime moments come alive through her paintbrushes.


Jan uses the word magic often when referring to those powerful, transcendent moments in nature and life that take our breath away.  They feel that way, and at the time it seems impossible for us to ever lose the memory of that experience. But we do. It fades with time, and what seemed solid and real becomes misty and vague – a dream beyond recall. But Jan delights to preserve those moments for you to enjoy in your own home.


Bold and beautiful Statement Pieces for your walls . . .


With water, brushes, bold pigments, and her own unique vision; the fierceness of a thunderstorm, the delicate tenderness of a hidden flower, or the worn face of an aged artisan comes alive, and we are transformed by the magic.


Jan is an award-winning painter with a career of over 35 years, and her work has been collected by art lovers all over the United States.  Whether through a commission or a piece that you find here on her web gallery, you can fill a unique space in your home or office with a stunning watercolor painting.

Step in and look around – the magic is waiting for you![


How Jan's journey to being YOUR art guide began . . .

After growing up and attending college in Southern California, Jan Thoreen moved to Colorado where she married Dave Lewis. They raised their family in the beautiful Arkansas River Valley at the base of 14,000 foot peaks.  Their family of 3 adult kids, 6 grandkids, and numerous grand-pups and cats continues to make life fun and interesting.


As a 22 year-old graphic design student at Long Beach State University, Jan experienced her first taste of the unique medium of watercolors.  The mesmerizing interaction between water, paper, and pigment utterly captivated her senses. Years later, after pursuing her design career, painting became her way of passionately sharing with others the magic of all kinds of beauty - nature, humanity, the animal kingdom, and hidden gems and places in our world.


And how it continues today . . .


Jan has now been a painter in watercolors for most of her art career and has now added loose and luscious oils to her collection.  She has taught painting through private lessons, workshops, and as an instructor for Colorado Mountain College.  Her award-winning work has appeared in many regional shows since the beginning of her career and is included in private collections throughout the country.

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